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We offer unique talent opportunities tailored specifically for beauty creators, including monetization tools, growth services, cross-platform promotion, brand partnerships, and more - all designed to fairly compensate your content creation without jeopardizing your creative freedom, welcome to the new  “Passion Economy”.

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The majority of consumers discover products through editorial content. However, many platforms opt to retain their audience and don’t allow product linking (or at most one at a time).

Consumers are forced through a series of search hurdles to locate products they are interested in purchasing.

Kech amplifies the reach of a merchant's e-commerce and leverages the influence and following of beauty taste-makers and experts to its benefit


About Us

Kech’s vision is to be the world’s go-to beauty market place, where individuals can create, connect, discover and shop anything beauty

What is Kech?

We created Kech on the simple premise that it only takes one clip, one snapshot, to feel inspired and beautiful. 

Nothing makes us feel more confident, secure, happy and free than a supportive community of creatives. 

Diversity defines us, culture empowers us and creativity allows us to flourish with one an other while being captured through technology.